WWE 'NXT TakeOver 36': Samoa Joe becomes NXT Champion

Aug. 23 (UPI) -- Samoa Joe won big against Karrion Kross to become the new NXT Champion at NXT TakeOver 36.

Joe and Kross collided in the main event on Sunday. The bout was Joe's first after a lengthy hiatus away from the ring. Joe is also the first grappler to become a three-time NXT Champion.


Kross was able survive Joe's Coquina Clutch submission move and turn it into the Kross Jacket. Joe then later delivered a Muscle Buster to earn the three count and become the new NXT Champion.

The Samoan Submission machine celebrated his victory at the top of the entrance ramp as fireworks erupted and NXT TakeOver 36 went off the air.

Bitter rivals Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly competed in a 2-out-3 Falls Match that was kicked off by a standard professional wrestling bout.


O'Reilly earned an upset victory in the first round when he was able to counter Cole's Panama Sunrise and roll him up for a sudden three count. The second round was a Street Fight and involved the use of steel chairs, kendo sticks and a trash can.

Cole placed the trash can over O'Reilly's head and delivered a dropkick. Cole also used the kendo sticks to focus on O'Reilly's injured ribs. Cole won the second round by throwing O'Reilly onto a pair of steel chairs and performing the Last Shot to earn the three count.

The grapplers were then placed inside a Steel Cage for the deciding bout. Cole was able to handcuff O'Reilly to the cage and started kicking him repeatedly. O'Reilly then grabbed Cole's leg and applied the Heel Hook, forcing him to tap out and giving O'Reilly the overall victory.

NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez defended her title against her former friend and tag team partner Dakota Kai.

Kai held her own at the start and was able to escape out of Gonzalez's Chingona Bomb and turn it into an Armbar submission hold.


Kai also performed the Kairopractor from the top tope, but Gonzalez withstood the attack and later landed the Chingona Bomb to remain NXT Women's Champion.

Gonzalez was confronted by Kay Lee Ray of NXT U.K. fame. Ray stared down Gonzalez after the match, setting her up as the champ's next challenger.

Other moments from NXT TakeOver 36 included Ridge Holland defeating Trey Baxter; Cameron Grimes defeating LA Knight to become the new Million Dollar Champion; and Ilja Dragunov defeating Walter to become the new NXT United Kingdom Champion.

Dragunov, whose body was bloody and bruised, ended Walter's impressive 870 day reign as NXT United Kingdom Champion.

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