Loni Anderson was 'very sad' to lose 'All Night Long' to Barbra Streisand

March 12 (UPI) -- Loni Anderson says she was "very sad" to lose the film All Night Long to Barbra Streisand.

The 75-year-old actress discussed on Thursday's episode of Watch What Happens Live how she lost the lead role in the 1981 movie to Streisand, 78.


Anderson brought up All Night Long after she was asked if there is a role she's turned down that she regrets.

"No. There's some roles I've lost that I'm very sad about, but not ones that I've turned down," the star said.

"There was a fabulous movie that Gene Hackman did with Barbra Streisand. I was tested, and it was right down to the wire and I thought I was gonna get it. Then, Barbra decided that she wanted to do it," she added.

All Night Long, starring Streisand, Hackman, Dennis Quaid and Diane Ladd, ended up being a box office flop.

On WWHL, Anderson also confirmed rumors that Princess Diana once sent her ex-husband Burt Reynolds a thank you note because Reynolds and Anderson's divorce kept her out of the tabloids for a while.


"Yes, that's true," Anderson said with a laugh.

Anderson then denied she once maxed out Reynold's American Express credit card.

"No, I never had an AmEx from Burt. I only had my own, so no. That would be completely false," she said.

Anderson and Reynolds split in 1993 after five years of marriage. The pair have one son, Quinton.

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