Kelly Rowland performs, reflects on Destiny's Child bond on 'GMA'

March 11 (UPI) -- Kelly Rowland took to the stage on Good Morning America.

The 40-year-old singer and actress performed her song "Black Magic" during Thursday's episode of the ABC morning show.


The pre-taped performance showed Rowland perform outside with several backup dancers. Rowland wore a gold dress made out of different fabrics.

In the interview, Rowland reflected on her bond with former Destiny's Child members Beyoncé and Michelle Williams. Rowland recently reunited with Beyoncé and Williams to introduce them to her infant son, Noah.

"It wasn't just for the cameras for us. We genuinely love each other, and we talk every other day, and those are his aunties," Rowland said. "It's the most beautiful thing Destiny's Child gave me, is our sisterhood."

Rowland was also asked to name the first thing she thinks of when she looks back on her time with Destiny's Child.

"Just rich -- rich in love, rich in passion, work ethic, and rich in laying out the foundations," the star said.

"I feel like in that time, it was just a different time in the music industry. We were overseas, internationally, having, like, 12 and 13-hour work days," she added. "I feel like it was laying out the foundations as well, which is why I'm still here able to talk to you guys. It's a blessing what Destiny's Child has given me."


"Black Magic" appears on Rowland's EP K, released in February. Rowland released a music video for the song the same month featuring her two sons, Noah, born Jan. 21, and Titan, 6.

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