Kenya Moore 'dropped the ball' on prenup with Marc Daly

March 8 (UPI) -- Kenya Moore says she "dropped the ball" by not having a prenup with Marc Daly.

The 50-year-old television personality explained on Sunday's episode of Watch What Happens Live why she doesn't have a prenuptial agreement with Daly, her estranged husband.


Moore has vocally encouraged her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars and other women to have prenups but did not sign one prior to her marriage to Daly.

"I dropped the ball," Moore said. "I am such an advocate for prenups, because I do believe that they protect both parties. I think that, especially when you're successful, you want to protect what you've earned, and what you've fought for your entire life, and where you are."

"I just think that I was in love, and when he said that he didn't want one because it was forecasting where we would be, I just kind of agreed to it because a lot of the things that I owned I had already owned outright before marriage so I felt like I was protected," she added.

Moore and Daly married in June 2017 and have one child, daughter Brooklyn Doris, 2. The couple split in September 2019, with Daly later filing for divorce in New York. On WWHL, Moore said Daly withdrew his divorce petition and request for alimony the next day.


"He has never said out of his own mouth that he wanted alimony. He said that we misinterpreted New York law," Moore said.

"He withdrew it, the divorce petition, the very next day, and he still has not filed in Georgia and he has not asked for any alimony or payment," she added.

Moore gave an update on her relationship with Daly, saying they are in a "good" but "difficult" place today.

"As of today, good," Moore said. "Emotions are really high ... I've never been through a divorce, I've never had a separation, I've never had a child with anyone, so all of these things are new for me."

"With Marc, he's still in love. I still have love for Marc. We are just in a very difficult place and no one really wants to pull the trigger," she added.

Moore previously said on WWHL in December that Daly was "really fighting" for their marriage.

On Sunday's WWHL, Moore also weighed in on her RHOA co-star Cynthia Bailey not having a prenup with her new husband, Mike Hill. Bailey was previously married to Peter Thomas.

"She said she would get a postnup, so I hoping she will still go through with that. You know, she's in her 50s, and after Peter? I would just think she would be the first one pushing that paper across the desk," Moore said.


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