Ashley Graham says Justin Ervin 'tricked' her into saying 'I love you' first

Dec. 1 (UPI) -- Ashley Graham says her husband, Justin Ervin, "tricked" her into saying "I love you" first.

The 33-year-old model and podcast host recalled the moment she realized Ervin was "the one" during Monday's episode of Watch What Happens Live.


Graham said she and Ervin were on an airplane when Ervin got her to profess her love.

"We were playing a game. He tricked me into saying 'I love you,'" Graham said. "He said, 'I love the way that you love me.' I said, 'I do love you.' He's like, 'I knew it!'"

"That's kind of how I knew, because when it came out of my mouth I got tingly down there," she added.

Graham and Ervin married in August 2010 and have a 10-month-old son, Isaac Menelik. The couple, who met in church, waited to have sex until marriage, which Graham discussed in the February 2019 issue of Elle.

"Something that it did for us was build up our friendship, and it also built up our trust and communication," the model said.

"Of course we were sexually attracted to each other," she added. "I wasn't worried about, 'What's sex gonna be like with him?' It was more, do I trust him? Is he someone I want to be with for the rest of my life?"


Graham and Ervin introduced their son during a February episode of Graham's podcast, Pretty Big Deal.

In October, Graham played a game of parenting Never Have I Ever on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she answered questions about breastfeeding and post-baby "accidents." Graham said she's tried breast milk more than once.

"Just try a little bit. It tastes good," she advised tWitch and Allison Holker.

On WWHL, Graham also discussed her experience modeling at Milan Fashion Week during the COVID-19 pandemic. Graham said it was a "little bit weird" but ultimately safe experience.

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