Maren Morris says mom shaming stems from 'deep insecurity'

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July 23 (UPI) -- Maren Morris says she believes mom shaming stems from "deep insecurity."

The 30-year-old country music singer said on Wednesday's episode of Watch What Happens Live that she plans to share less of Hayes, her 4-month-old son with her husband, Ryan Hurd, on social media after being criticized by mom shamers online.


"I don't think I'm going to share his face in photos on social media anymore," Morris said.

Morris posted a photo June 30 of herself holding Hayes while sitting on a large inflatable float on the water. She said on WWHL that her son was "completely safe" when the photo was taken.

"I would just have to say to anyone that is a mother who is shaming another mother, it obviously comes from a deep insecurity in your own motherhood that you have to criticize someone else that's brand new at this," the star said. "We all feel like we suck in the beginning anyways."


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Morris said it's been "so fun" sharing photos of Hayes but she plans to be "a little more private" about him on social media.


"I can take someone saying my music sucks, or I'm ruining country music, but for some reason the mother card, I just can't emotionally handle right now," she said. "So I'm just going to protect myself and him from it."

Morris clapped back Tuesday on Instagram after sharing a photo of her look online. The singer was criticized for wearing a cleavage-baring top and captioning the photo "wavy hair."

"Come on if your caption reads wavy hair maybe keep the focus on the hair, or perhaps make the caption big boobs? Just saying like holy cow. Everything in this world doesn't make sense anymore, clearly these littles don't have much to look up to either," one person said in the comments.

Morris responded by saying, "Girl BYE. Don't let my boobs knock you on the way out."

Morris and Hurd married in March 2018 and welcomed their son in March of this year.

On WWHL, Morris and her fellow guest, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley, also discussed their spending habits. Morris said her first big purchase and "biggest splurge" was her Tesla.


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