Leslie Jordan says George Clooney once pranked him on set

May 20 (UPI) -- Leslie Jordan is sharing some of George Clooney's on-set antics.

The 65-year-old actor recalled on Tuesday's episode of Watch What Happens Live how Clooney, his Bodies of Evidence co-star, tricked him into thinking he had lost weight.


Jordan and Clooney played Lemar Samuels and Ryan Walker, respectively, on Bodies of Evidence, which aired on CBS from 1992 to 1993. The show was one of Clooney's first leading TV roles.

"It was the same year Madonna came out with Body of Evidence, but we were of Bodies of Evidence, and George wasn't famous," Jordan said. "He would play jokes on me and I wouldn't get it."

"I was on a diet -- I'm always on a diet. I kept telling everybody, 'You know, I'm on this new diet. I'm trying so hard,'" he recalled.

Jordan said Clooney went to the wardrobe crew on set and instructed them to take Jordan's pants out an inch every day to create the illusion he was losing weight.

"I would come to work and I would say, 'Oh my god, y'all. I'm not losing pounds -- I'm losing inches! It's so amazing!'" Jordan said. "By the third day, they were like hanging on me and belted with this belt."


"Somebody told me and I felt like such a fool. And then when I accused him of it he said it wasn't him, but you know it was," he concluded.

On WWHL, Jordan also recalled how he once shared a jail cell with Robert Downey, Jr.

"I was sentenced in 1997 to 120 days for several indiscretions I'd rather not describe right now. Let's just say I haven't had a drink since," Jordan said.

"To make a long story short, they put me in an area called the softy, the softy tank. And on day 12 they said, 'We've got good news. You're out. But we don't have a bed for Robert Downey, Jr.,'" he recalled. "'You're going to get out and he's going to take your bed.'"

Jordan will star with Mayim Bialik in the new Fox series Call Me Kat. Fox picked up the show and an 11th season of Bob's Burgers this month.

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