Lance Bass: Justin Timberlake has joined 'N Sync's Zoom happy hours

April 8 (UPI) -- Lance Bass says Justin Timberlake has joined 'N Sync's weekly happy hours on the video conferencing service Zoom.

The 40-year-old singer and producer discussed Timberlake, 39, and 'N Sync's virtual hangouts during Tuesday's at-home episode of Watch What Happens Live.


Bass and Timberlake reunited on Bass' podcast, The Daily Popcast, in March.

"I wasn't surprised he wanted to do it," Bass said of Timberlake. "I loved it; I thought it was fun."

"I heard a lot of things for the first time coming out of Justin's mouth about 'N Sync -- he doesn't really talk about 'N Sync too much -- but it was great to hear his perspective," he added.

Bass said the podcast interview helped bring him and Timberlake closer.

"I think the interviews really kind of even bonded us even more, especially during this quarantine," he said, referencing the coronavirus pandemic. "Now we have happy hours every week together on Zoom, which is really fun."

On The Daily Popcast, Bass and Timberlake discussed their time with 'N Sync and the possibility of a reunion. Timberlake said he's open to meeting with his former bandmates and talking about what a reunion would mean.


'N Sync also consisted of JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone. The boy band released three studio albums before disbanding in 2002.

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