'Fortnite': New season brings spy theme, Deadpool

Feb. 20 (UPI) -- Epic Games announced on Thursday the new Season 2 of Fortnite which brings a spy theme and Marvel's Deadpool to the online multiplayer shooter.

The season, titled Top Secret, revolves around the game's battle island being taken over by covert factions known as Ghost and Shadow.


Players will be able to discover new top secret hideouts on the island and take part in limited-time operations. The operations will task players with infiltrating enemy bases in order to obtain unique and powerful weapons.

Breaking into the hideouts will involve needing to use secret pathways and new gadgets such as decoy grenades.

Season 2 also features a new Battle Pass which will unlock a secret base and a group of playable secret agents when purchased for 950 V-bucks.

A Deadpool skin can be unlocked by completing a set of Deadpool challenges over the course of the battle pass.

Fortnite recently introduced the ability to purchase a Harley Quinn skin from DC Comics for a limited time.


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