NikkieTutorials thinks blackmailer wanted to 'destroy' her life

Jan. 22 (UPI) -- Nikkie "NikkieTutorials" de Jager thinks the person who blackmailed her into coming out as transgender wanted to "destroy" her life.

The 25-year-old YouTube star and beauty blogger appeared on Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she discussed how a person blackmailed her into publicly coming out as transgender last week.


De Jager said the person e-mailed her and threatened to out her if she did not respond.

"A couple of weeks ago, I got e-mails from a certain person, and he was not okay with the fact that I was 'lying' and wanted to expose that. So, he had a very pressuring tone of voice, and he was like, 'If we don't get an answer by tomorrow, it's out,'" the star said.

"I feel like his entire goal was, with this, to destroy my life. But, plot twist, that didn't happen," she added.

De Jager said she's grateful for the supportive response to her coming out.

"I'm so happy that it's 2020 and the acceptance is real," she said.

De Jager previously said she "lived her youth as a girl" and had fully transitioned by the time she was 19. On Ellen, she shared how she "always" wanted to publicly come out but found it to be "such a delicate thing."


"There's never the perfect timing," she said. "In a way, because I'm not thankful to the person who did this, I am thankful that it happened now. Now, I get to be free."

De Jager said she hopes her coming out inspires others.

"I don't know where I fit in in this magical world. But as long as I get to be myself and inspire little Nikkies to be theirselves, that's all I can do," she said.

De Jager, who has over 12 million YouTube subscribers and 13 million Instagram followers, came out as transgender in a video Jan. 13. She initially shared how she was blackmailed in the video.

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