YouTube star Brittani Boren Leach attends son's memorial

Jan. 9 (UPI) -- YouTube star Brittani Boren Leach said goodbye to her late son, Crew, at a memorial service.

The 29-year-old Internet personality and her family laid Crew to rest Wednesday after the 5-month-old infant died in December.


Leach shared a photo of herself with Cooper and Cash, her surviving sons with husband Jeff Leach, and Carter, Jeff Leach's son from his previous marriage. Leach is also mom to daughter Sydney from her previous marriage.

"We laid our sweet baby boy to rest today, and a part of me went with him," Leach captioned the post. "During his memorial, Carter reached over and grabbed my hand. Then Cooper laid his hand on ours and then Sidney laid hers on top. I'm so so proud of them."

"We will always feel like we are missing a piece of our family, because we are," she added. "We laid a tiny blue cape with a 'C' on it over his casket to celebrate our little Hero Crew. It was Jeff's idea and I loved it."

Leach thanked friends and family for their support.

"Thank you to everyone who made it today, your support means so much to us. #crewscrew #blueforcrew," she wrote.


Crew was discovered unresponsive Dec. 25 on Christmas Day. Leach said Crew had "laid down for a nap" at a relative's house and was "not breathing" when she went to check on him.

Leach and Jeff Leach took Crew off life support Dec. 30 after donating the infant's organs.

"Right now Crew is dancing and playing in Heaven ... And one day we hope to meet the 3 or 4 little lives that he has saved. But right now there's a big hole in my heart and my arms feel empty," Leach said at the time.

Leach voiced her grief Jan. 2 on Instagram, writing, "My heart aches and I just miss him." She thanked fans for the outpouring of support in a post Monday.

"Social media can be a very toxic place, but what we have witnessed over the past week and a half has been truly incredible," Leach said. "Thank you to the many of you who continue to check in and pray for our family."

Leach is a lifestyle blogger with over 920,000 followers on Instagram and 171,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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