WWE TLC: Roman Reigns battles King Corbin, Daniel Bryan returns

Wade Sheridan

Dec. 16 (UPI) -- Roman Reigns was up against impossible odds and Daniel Bryan returned to get revenge on Universal Champion Bray Wyatt at WWE TLC, the company's final pay-per-view event of the year and of the decade.

The first Tables, Ladders and Chairs match was between Reigns and his rival King Corbin. Reigns and Corbin needed to earn the victory by pinfall of submission unlike normal TLC matches where an item above the ring needs to be obtained.


Corbin started things off by sending a team of security after Reigns which the Big Dog disposed of quickly before he started fighting the king through the live audience.

Corbin used a can of dog food at one point to stun Reigns and then choke-slam him through a table. Reigns would get revenge later on and perform a Samoan drop to Corbin through the announcer's table.

Reigns would gain control of the bout and got ready to spear his enemy through a ringside barricade when Dolph Ziggler suddenly arrived and Super Kicked Reigns. Corbin's other friends, The Revival, also arrived onto the scene to stack the odds in his favor.


Reigns was able to take out Corbin's crew with a dive outside the ring but it wasn't enough . Reigns was hit by Ziggler's Zig Zag followed by the Revival's Shatter Machine before Corbin unleashed the End of Days to earn the three count victory.

Universal Champion Bray Wyatt took on The Miz in a one-on-one match that was emotionally charged due to Wyatt's threats against the A-lister's family. This was Wyatt's first match where he didn't transform into The Fiend since returning to the WWE in 2019.

Wyatt arrived to the ring while the theme song for the Firefly Funhouse played and happily waved to the audience while flaunting his title. He competed in dark pants and one of his signature sweaters.

The Miz was immediately on the attack and aggressively went after The Eater of Worlds. Wyatt hardly fought back and instead laughed as The Miz continued to hand out more physical punishment. The reality television star even hit Wyatt with the Skull Crushing Finale but chose not to pin the champion as The Miz wanted to make him suffer more.


Wyatt would eventually stop The Miz's attacks and delivered two back-to-back Sister Abigails to win the match. An image of The Fiend then appeared on the big screen which caused Wyatt to grab a giant hammer from under the ring.

As Wyatt got ready to use the hammer on The Miz, the lights went out and Bryan returned with shorter hair and a shorter beard. Bryan attacked Wyatt with a number of Yes Kicks and the Running Knee. Bryan then grabbed the hammer, but the lights went out again with Wyatt disappearing after they came back on.

The Kabuki Warriors, consisting of Asuka and Kairi Sane, defended their Women's Tag Team Championships against Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in the second Tables, Ladders and Chairs match of the night. The first team to climb a ladder and grab the titles would be declared the winner.

Multiple tables were broken throughout the violent match as all four women pushed each other to the limit. Asuka and Sane had tied Lynch to a ladder using a rope which gave them an advantage.


Lynch would eventually escape and was involved in the final moments of the match as she tried climbing the ladder to once again become Becky Two Belts. The rope was still attached the ladder, however, which allowed Asuka to pull The Man down. Asuka then retried the titles and won.

As TLC went off the air, a massive brawl between Reigns and Corbin that started backstage and involved members of both Raw and Smackdown spilled out into the arena. Reigns ended things by Spearing Corbin into a large crowd of wrestlers.

Other moments from TLC included Humberto Carillo defeating Andrade; The New Day successfully defending their Smackdown Tag Team Championships against The Revival in a Ladder Match; Aleister Black defeated Buddy Murphy; The Viking Raiders defended their Raw Tag Team Championships against The O.C. with the match ending in a double count-out; and Bobby Lashley defeated Rusev in a Tables Match.


Lashley was able to gain the upper hand due to his girlfriend Lana's help. She jumped on the back of her ex-husband Rusev and raked his eyes. Lashley then Suplexed Rusev into a table that was mounted in a corner.

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