Kristin Davis pitches ideas for 'Sex and the City 3'

By Annie Martin

Nov. 12 (UPI) -- Kristin Davis is sharing her ideas for Sex and the City 3.

The 54-year-old actress suggested two of her "fantasy" ideas for a third film during Monday's episode of Watch What Happens Live.


Davis played Charlotte York on Sex and the City, which had a six season run on HBO from 1998 to 2004, and in two Sex and the City movies. The franchise co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes and Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones.

Davis pitched one idea for Sex and the City 3 that would center on Charlotte, Carrie (Parker) and Charlotte's daughter Lily, who was adopted from China.

"I'm a hopeful person, obviously, and I have a whole, very rich imagination. I have all different fantasies," Davis said.

"I have a fantasy where Sarah and I -- I have a whole short movie planned. I told [executive producer] Michael Patrick [King]," she shared. "We go to China because my daughter wants to go on an inheritance trip, where you go to see your homeland. And when we're in China, Carrie and Charlotte have a whole adventure. So that could be like a standalone thing."


Davis also suggested an original musical featuring Charlotte, Carrie (Parker), Miranda (Nixon) and Samantha (Cattrall).

"We could be in a musical!" she said. "We'd all be in that."

Davis also dished during a speed round of questions about Sex and the City, where she said she wanted Carrie (Parker) to end up with Mr. Big (Chris Noth), versus Aidan (John Corbett).

"I love John Corbett so, so much, but I do think she was meant for Big," she said.

Parker surprised Davis by calling in during the speed round. The pair recounted how they used to get sandwiches every day on the set of the first Sex and the City movie in Morocco.

The most recent Sex and the City movie, Sex and the City 2, opened in theaters in 2010. Parker and Cattrall clashed in 2018 after Cattrall said she turned down a third film and was "never" friends with her co-stars.

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