Demi Lovato reflects on struggles: 'I've been through a lot'

Annie Martin

Nov. 4 (UPI) -- Demi Lovato is looking back on the personal struggles she's experienced over the past two years.

The 27-year-old singer discussed her newfound self-love at the Teen Vogue summit Saturday, more than a year after her overdose and hospitalization.


Today shared a clip Monday of Lovato's conversation with Teen Vogue editor in chief Lindsay Peoples Wagner.

"I've gone through a lot," Lovato said at the conference. "And this is really my first public thing back."

The former Disney Channel star stressed that she's human and sometimes takes online bullying and negative comments to heart.

"I am human, so be easy on me," she said. "I'm so tired of pretending like I'm not human -- that's one thing that I won't do anymore. When you say stuff, it affects me. I am human. I try not to look, but I see it."

Lovato said she's come a long way in her personal life, and vowed to keep fighting for her better self.

"I love the person that I am today," the star said.

"What I see in the mirror [is] someone that's overcome a lot," she added. "I've been through a lot and I genuinely see a fighter. I don't see a championship winner in there, but I see a fighter and someone who is going to continue to fight no matter [what] challenges are thrown their way."

Lovato has long struggled with addiction, and was hospitalized for a drug overdose in July 2018. She encouraged people struggling with addiction to reach out following her friend Thomas' death in October.

"Addiction is NO joke," the singer said on Instagram Stories. "If you or someone you know is struggling please know it's okay to ask for help."

Lovato confirmed at the Teen Vogue summit that she has new music in the works. She last released the single "Sober" in June 2018 prior to her overdose

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