Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran team up in World Mental Health Day video

By Annie Martin

Oct. 10 (UPI) -- British royal Prince Harry and Grammy-winning singer Ed Sheeran are promoting World Mental Health Day.

The 35-year-old duke of Sussex and 28-year-old recording artist encouraged people to reach out and take care of each other in a funny video posted to the Sussex Royal official Instagram account Thursday.


The video opens with Sheeran getting his beard trimmed in preparation for his meeting with Harry. The scene cuts to Harry inviting Sheeran in and the pair sitting down at a table.

"This is something I'm quite passionate about," Sheeran says.

"This, for me, is a subject and conversation that's just not talked about enough. I think people all over the world are really suffering," Harry adds.

Sheeran then tells Harry he's been working on a song about the issue.


"People just don't understand what it's like for people like us," Sheeran says, to Harry's confusion. "Well, you know, with the jokes and the snide comments. I just feel like it's time that we stood up and said, 'We're not going to take this anymore. We are ginger, and we're going to fight.'"

Harry explains the meeting is about World Mental Health Day as Sheeran deletes the phrase "Gingers Unite" from his laptop.

"It's World Mental Health Day!" the video's caption reads. "Both Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran want to endure that not just today but every day, you look after yourself, your friends and those around you."

"There's no need to suffer in silence - share how you're feeling, ask how someone is doing and listen for the answer. Be willing to ask for help when you need it and know that we are all in this together. #WMHD."

Harry and Sheeran had teased their collaboration Wednesday. Sheeran has previously met Harry's father, Prince Charles, who presented the singer with an MBE in 2017, and is friends with Harry's cousin Princess Beatrice.

In addition, Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, recently teamed up with his brother, Prince William, and Kate Middleton on a new PSA supporting mental health.


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