Demi Moore says memoir explores 'love and loss'

By Annie Martin

Sept. 25 (UPI) -- Demi Moore says her candid first memoir explores "love and loss."

The 57-year-old actress explained her motivations for writing the new book, Inside Out, during Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.


Moore said she committed to sharing the ups and downs of her life in the memoir, rather than making it a "fluffy, promoting yourself" book.

"I think a memoir is not about receiving; it's about giving," she said. "Unless you're really willing to go on a journey of exploration of yourself and share of yourself, then there really isn't any point of doing it."

Moore said she framed Inside Out around the central question of "How did I get here?" following a low point in her life.

"I think that where the book starts is at a real low point in reality, which is a realization of great loss," she said. "The journey is really exploring love and loss and self-acceptance and self-forgiveness and ultimately, self-love."

Moore said writing her memoir was a challenging experience that required a lot of self-reflection.

"To get to the point of writing it, I really had to first do a lot of healing and exploration of myself," she said.


Inside Out includes candid details about Moore's childhood and her marriages to Freddy Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Bruce Willis. Moore discussed Kutcher during Tuesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, saying her "codependency" on the actor led to "misguided" attempts to save their marriage, including threesomes.

"He expressed something that was of a fantasy and [I agreed] in my efforts to want to please," Moore said. "It was a misguided sense of not really wanting to look at the harder question or what was really missing."

Inside Out was released Tuesday.

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