Chrissy Teigen shares her biggest social media regrets

By Annie Martin

June 28 (UPI) -- Chrissy Teigen, known as the queen of Twitter, is sharing her biggest social media regrets.

The 33-year-old model and television personality named her most annoying viral social media moments during Thursday's episode of Watch What Happens Live.


Teigen said she regrets any comments she's made about any celebrity with obsessive fans, also known as stans.

"Anything that involved any stans of any kind," the star told host Andy Cohen. "On your show even, when I've said anything about any musicians -- oh my gosh, that is the worst. Anyone that has a group of stans, I regret so [much]."

"It's weeks that you have to go rogue," she said of the backlash. "You have to completely leave the grid. The culture of it is insane."

Teigen said she no longer makes snide comments about certain celebrities because of the hate she will receive online.

"I can't say that someone is lip syncing or make those snide comments anymore. Oh my God, it's hell for weeks," she said. "And then you can't ever love something they do more recently because of something you said 10 years ago. They'll say like, 'Yeah, but you did this! We don't trust you.' I'm like, 'Who are you?'"


Teigen has 11.3 million followers on Twitter and 24.7 million on Instagram. Her husband, singer John Legend, praised her influence and connection with others at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in November.

"People love her honesty. Her humor," Legend said. "And they love her big, beautiful heart."

"Chrissy's biggest impact may be the way she proves that just by being the person you are, you can make a difference. Being who you are, unapologetically," he added.

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