Google celebrates the career of Selena Quintanilla with a new Doodle

By Wade Sheridan

Oct. 17 (UPI) -- Google is honoring Mexican American music icon Selena Quintanilla on the anniversary of her first studio album release with a new Doodle.

Google's homepage features artwork depicting the late entertainer and a giant play button that when pressed, presents an animated look at the life and times of Selena.


Dubbed the "Queen of Tejano" music, Selena began singing at the age of nine with her older brother A.B. playing guitar and her sister Suzette playing drums to form Selena y Los Dinos.

Despite at first dealing with discrimination in a male-dominated music genre, "Selena's talent, energy, and perseverance easily won the hearts of a rapidly growing fan base," global marketing lead for Google Doodles Perla Campos writes.

Selena was notably awarded the Tejano Music award for Female Vocalist of the Year in 1986 and then released her first album self-titled Selena in 1989 which "consistently straddled the top of the Billboard charts" before winning a Grammy for Best Mexican/American Album in 1993, the first female and youngest Tejano artist to do so.

Selena was shot to death by the president of her fan club Yolanda Saldivar in 1995.


"Selena became a beacon of inspiration and hope for the Latinx, immigrant, and bicultural communities around the globe. Her story of embracing and celebrating all parts of her cultural heritage and persevering in the face of adversity forged an emotional connection with millions," Campos continued.

"Selena's legacy grows even larger with time. She continues to show Latinx, immigrants, and bicultural communities around the world to be proud of who they are and to embrace their differences. Also, to work hard for your dreams because doing so makes your achievements that much more meaningful," Campos added.

Selena's sister Suzette also shared her thoughts on what the Doodle her family helped create represents. "This project is just yet another testament to the power of Selena's legacy, which is still going strong 22 years later. Selena has always transcended cultural boundaries and having this Doodle featuring a strong, Latina woman on the homepage of Google around the world is a perfect example that."

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