EA Sports reinvents 'NBA Live' with new The One Mode: Hands-on preview

By Wade Sheridan  |  June 13, 2017 at 12:58 PM
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June 13 (UPI) -- EA Sports is ready to reintroduce its long-running basketball franchise NBA Live with a new RPG-like mode titled The One.

The One, which makes its debut in NBA Live 18 this fall, gives players the choice to compete with their created character in either The Streets, 5-on-5 matches that take place on real-world courts or The League, a simulation of the NBA.

Previously, both modes were separated, but players will now be able to compete in both in order to gain experience that can be used to improve skills such as jump-shooting and dribbling. Additionally, players can earn loot boxes full of cosmetic gear such as a pair of legendary Jordans and other courtside apparel in order to customize their character.

"All of that experience pulls into your player and into your development over the course of your career," gameplay designer for NBA Live Brandon Durgin said to UPI at the EA Play event Monday in Los Angeles.

"It's really dissolving the modes and combining it all into one cohesive mode," he continued.

Playing matches in The League will mirror what happens in the NBA while The Streets offers a more unique gameplay experience where almost anything goes.

"There is a lot less rules. You can lay people out with screens, block-em, knock-em over," Durgin said of The Streets. "The refs are very lenient in The Streets. There is no foul shooting."

The Streets, which will have players competing on real-world courts such as Venice Beach and Rucker Park alongside current NBA stars like Paul George and James Harden, also introduces boss battles against NBA legends such as Allen Iverson, that if defeated, grants players special skills and cosmetic items associated with that legend.

Playing NBA Live 18 and The One, the game feels smooth and easy to control as players can shake defenders and pull up for a jump-shot all using the right-analog stick. Your A.I. controlled teammates do exactly as they need to do as well, getting open from defenders and passing the ball to the open man.

Notably, when facing off against Iverson in The Streets, players are tasked with guarding the hall of famer who, left alone, will easily drain a three-pointer. It's small touches like these that give NBA Live an authentic and realistic feel.

After taking a year off, NBA Live 18 seems poised to return the series to its former glory and give rival game NBA 2K some stiff competition.

NBA Live 18 is set to launch for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One this fall. A demo for the title will release in August.

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