Bernie Sanders breaks from campaign to see Broadway's 'Hamilton'

By Eric DuVall

NEW YORK, April 9 (UPI) -- Being a Democratic presidential candidate occasionally has its perks.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders capped off a day of campaigning in his native Brooklyn by going to see the Broadway hit Hamilton on Friday.


Unlike the 99 percent of theater-goers who waited months to see the show with Sanders on Friday, Sanders and his wife, Jane, were granted house seats at the Richard Rogers Theater. Broadway shows typically reserve a small number of seats for VIPs, usually family of the cast and crew, and occasional visiting dignitaries.

The tickets didn't come cheap, however. Sanders paid $167 each, The New York Times reported.

Hamilton is a revolutionary hip-hop show that tells the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton.

A spokesman for the show said the evening was months in the making, what with the candidate requesting to see the show some time ago, but unable to attend while consumed with his day job, running for president.

NBC News reported Sanders lingered afterward and took photos with the cast on stage. Sanders bought a CD of the show's music during intermission.


A spokesman for Sanders' opponent, Hillary Clinton, said she had already seen the show. In a slight tweak to Sanders, whose popularity among too-cool Millennial hipsters has been campaign fodder for months, Clinton's spokesman said she saw the show last year, when it was still off-Broadway.

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