Pamela Anderson's Playboy covers

Anderson has graced the cover of Playboy magazine 14 times, more than any model in the magazine's history.
By Michelle Hill  |  Dec. 4, 2015 at 4:23 PM
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Model and actress Pamela Anderson will appear on the cover of the final nude issue of Playboy, her 14th cover for the magazine.

Playboy announced in October that it will end its over 60-year tradition of featuring nudity in its magazine.

Anderson has appeared on the cover more than any other model in the magazine's history.

A look back:

October 1989

Pamela Anderson lands her first Playboy cover, breaking dress code rules in a school uniform. She would go on to be named Playmate of the Month in the February 1990 issue.

Photo by Playboy | Permalink
February 1991

Anderson's second cover features a red heart theme, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Photo by Playboy | Permalink
July 1992

Anderson's role opposite Tim Allen as "Tool Time girl" on the television sitcom Home Improvement launched her career in television. She left the show after just two seasons to star in Baywatch.

Photo by Playboy | Permalink
August 1993

Anderson is featured next to Dan Aykroyd, promoting his 1993 movie Coneheads.

Photo by Playboy | Permalink
November 1994

At the height of her Baywatch fame, Anderson poses for a tame fifth cover.

Photo by Playboy | Permalink
January 1996

Playboy dedicates its holiday edition to Pamela Anderson with a cover spot and a pictorial.

Photo by Playboy | Permalink
September 1997

Playboy photographers decide to zoom in for "Dream girl" Anderson's September cover.

Photo by Playboy | Permalink
June 1998

Anderson, one of the longest serving cast members, left Baywatch after five seasons in 1997 as she poses for this Baywatch-themed collector's special.

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February 1999

Anderson poses for fourteen new nudes as well as earns another spot on the Playboy cover.

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July 2001

Anderson is armed amid the "Pam-demonium" after starring as Vallery Irons, a small-town girl recruited to head an elite bodyguard agency, in the action/comedy-drama V.I.P..

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May 2004

Anderson returns to fame by appearing naked on the cover of Playboy, her first naked appearance on any magazine cover. She would later pose nude for both GQ and Stuff magazine.

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January 2007

Anderson appears in black and white on the cover of the Holiday Anniversary issue.

Photo by Playboy | Permalink
January 2011

Anderson lands her second holiday edition cover at 43 years old.

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January/February 2016

Pamela Anderson strips down for a 12-page inside spread, in what will be the last Playboy edition to feature naked women.

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