New Cosby accusers are registered nurse, Playboy bunny

Therese Serignese, 57, was one of the 12 "Jane Does" who agreed to testify in the 2005 case, which was ultimately settled out of court.
By Gabrielle Levy  |  Nov. 21, 2014 at 11:42 AM
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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 21 (UPI) -- Two more women have come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault -- one, a registered nurse who had previously accused Cosby anonymously, and another, a former Playboy bunny.

Carla Ferrigno, an actress and the wife of The Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno, said she has never told her story to anyone, but decided to come forward after hearing other women.

"Another nail in the coffin," she told the Daily Mail.

Ferrigno was working as a Playboy Bunny in 1967 when she was approached by a man at Los Angeles Airport who asked her for her phone number. She says the man took her out on a date, then asked if she wanted to meet Cosby, who he described as a close friend.

"[Cosby] was there. Camille. I can't remember anyone's name anymore, but I remember hers. I will never forget her," she said, of meeting the comedian and his wife.

"We were there not even 10 minutes there and Bill suggested we go the movies," she continued. "He talked to me a lot at the movies. I was uncomfortable with that because his wife was there. But he was funny. He was fun."

They later went back to the house, and she said Cosby tried to ply her with drinks as they played pool. Ferrigno noticed Camille Cosby had left the room, as had her date.

"Things really seemed odder now. We kept playing. Bill beat me. And just as I was ready to put the pool cue down he came forward at me. I thought he was reaching for the pool cue. But he came at me and grabbed me in such a powerful way. Grabbing me.

He was much bigger than me. Much bigger and he pulled me so hard and so rough. I had never been treated so roughly and he pulled me hard to him so hard.

And then kissed me so hard, right in the mouth. No one has ever been that physically violent with me."

Ferrigno said she ran out of the room and got her date to take her home -- and kept quiet about her encounter until now. She said her husband was hesitant for her to come forward, but she decided to add her story to those of Andrea Constand, Barbara Bowman, Joan Tarshis, Janice Dickenson, Tamara Green and 10 women who accused Cosby anonymously in Constand's 2005 lawsuit.

Therese Serignese, 57, was one of the 12 "Jane Does" who agreed to testify in the 2005 case, which was ultimately settled out of court.

Serignese told the Huffington Post she met Cosby in 1976, at the age of 19. She said Cosby approached her in the jewelry shop of the Las Vegas Hilton.

"Somebody came up to me and put their arm around my neck from the back and said: 'Will you marry me?'" she said. "And I turned around to see who it was, and it was Bill Cosby."

He invited her to attend his show, and had her escorted to the green room where Cosby handed her two white pills and a glass of water.

"The next memory I have was I was in a bathroom and I was kind of bending forward and he was behind me having sex with me," she said. "I was just there, thinking 'I'm on drugs, I'm drugged.' I felt drugged and I was being raped and it was kind of surreal. My frame of mind was that it would be over soon and I could just get out of there."

Serignese said her mother encouraged her to stay in touch with Cosby, and he put her up in the penthouse at the Hilton for three weeks. She claims he threw her out after she had a pregnancy scare, but they remained in occasional contact over the next 20 years.

She said there was at least one other sexual encounter, in 1985, and two payments after she was in a car accident in 1996.

In 2005, when she heard about Constand's lawsuit, she decided to call the Philadelphia police department and join the case.

"I just tried to forget it. I tried to block it out," she said over the phone. "It doesn't go away but you can make it silent. You can bury it. But all of these times when this stuff comes up, it does make me angry."

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