David Duchovny defends Russian beer ad

Duchovny says appearing in the Siberian Crown beer ad has nothing to do with his personal politics.
By Evan Bleier  |  July 30, 2014 at 9:04 AM
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HOLLYWOOD, July 30 (UPI) -- David Duchovny has a new beer ad out that is accompanied by a message reading that the popular actor "decided to do a film about Russian pride and love of country."

The brew that Duchovny is pushing is a Russian Siberian beer, Siberian Crown.

"And I found out that being Russian, I'd have many things to be proud of," Duchovny says in the video.

While it's certainly a case of bad timing, Duchovny insists that his role in the commercial has nothing to do with his personal feelings about the politics surrounding Russia and Ukraine.

"I am proud of my Russian, Ukrainian, Scottish and Polish heritage as I am proud of my American heritage," Duchovny told TMZ. "But being proud of one's ancestry is not a political statement on any current government or public policies."

Duchovny tweeted a photo on May 30 when he was likely filming the commercial:

According to Duchovny, the commercial is by no means a political statement. "In retrospect, and in light of recent tragic events, I can now see the potential for misunderstanding and hope people will understand," he said.
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