Amanda Bynes' mom blames her daughter's erratic behavior on marijuana use

"Amanda has no mental illness whatsoever," Lynn Bynes said of her daughter.

By Kate Stanton

LOS ANGELES, April 10 (UPI) -- Amanda Bynes had a pretty disastrous 2013, which included a slew of bizarre, reputation-damaging tweets, an arrest for marijuana possession and a 5150 psychiatric hold when she set a small fire in someone's driveway.

But Amanda's mother, Lynn Bynes, has denied reports that the 28-year-old actress and fashion marketing student has any kind of mental illness requiring medication.


Lynn, the conservator of her daughter's affairs, told E! News on Thursday that "Amanda has no mental illness whatsoever."

"She has never been diagnosed as schizophrenic or bipolar," Lynn added. "She is very sorry for all the hurtful tweets, statements and actions that occurred while she was under the influence of marijuana."

Amanda's lawyer, Tamar Arminak, made similar statements for his client on Wednesday.

"[Amanda] asked me to dispel certain rumors. For the record, Amanda does not have schizophrenia, nor has she ever been diagnosed with it," Arminak said.

"She's devoted to living her life as healthy as possible," he added."She's never had a history of abusing alcohol or hard drugs, and she's proud to say she's been marijuana-free for the past nine months."


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