Cobain, Lennon, Presley, Monroe, and Tupac alive on tropical island: Dutch beer ad

Kurt Cobain gags at octogenarian Marilyn Monroe's up-skirt.
By JC Sevcik   |  March 25, 2014 at 7:35 PM
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An aging but still elegant Marilyn Monroe applies sun screen over Tupac Shakur’s thug life tattoo while the rapper sunbathes.

Elvis drinks a beer in the shade of a palm tree.

Kurt Cobain and John Lennon lounge at the cabana bar, flirting with the bartender, whose name is Jude.

Bruce Lee rings a bell from the porch of an island estate, an alarm to signal a ship passing offshore and the team of dead celebs spring into action, hiding their tropical digs behind palm fronds and ducking behind trees to avoid being found out.

Bruce jumps over some chairs to hide behind some palm trees, Tupac winds a pulley system that pulls down two palms to obscure their mansion, and Marilyn cuts a rope that drops the thatch roof, hiding the bar and blowing up her dress in the process. Kurt Cobain gags at the sight. The helmsman of the passing ship offshore looks confused and doubtful when he spots a portly white haired Elvis hiding behind a tree, his gut protruding a bit.

It sounds like a short story by George Saunders, but this is a new ad from Dutch brewing company Bavaria to promote Radler, their new fruit flavored beer.

[Bavaria on Youtube]

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