Julianna Marguiles responds to shocking 'Good Wife' death

"Like a lot of the viewers have lost a best friend." [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.]

By Kate Stanton
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Sunday night's episode of The Good Wife left fans reeling when Alicia Florrik's will-they-or-won't-they love interest, Will Gardner (Josh Charles), was fatally shot by recurring character Jeffery Grant (Hunter Parrish).

Showrunners Michelle and Robert King already addressed Gardner's death in an open letter, but Julianna Margulies, who plays the titular character, also took to social media on Monday for a Facebook chat with fans.


Margulies said she felt "sad" when she found out about Will's fate, but said viewers can expect even more tearjerking scenes to follow.

“I really encourage you to watch this coming Sundays episode, you will see what she really thinks about Will. And bring tissues," she said of next week's installment.

"We have been living with this a lot longer then the audience so it's not as harsh for us at this moment," she continued. "Josh is one of the best actors I have ever worked with and I will miss him every day. But his death makes the character of Alicia have to move in a different direction and that is very exciting."

She added that the writers spoke to her and Charles before telling the network about his departure (Charles had previously asked to leave the show).


"They are so respectful, they ran it by me first before bringing it to the Network, and Josh and I both thought it was a brilliant idea," Margulies said.

Despite Will and Alicia's bevy of shippers, Margulies said she never had high hopes for their romance.

“I think the reason everyone wanted Will and Alicia together was because they weren’t together," she said, adding later, “I actually never thought they could make it, too much baggage on both sides.”

Read the whole chat on The Good Wife's Facebook page.

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