'Two Fat Ladies' star Clarissa Dickson Wright dies at 66

The last remaining host of "Two Fat Ladies," Clarissa Dickson Wright, dies after long illness.

Danielle Haynes

Clarissa Dickson Wright, co-host of the BBC cooking show Two Fat Ladies died Saturday in Edinburgh, Scotland. She was 66.

Her literary agents in London said Dickson Wright had been ill for several months, but declined to disclose her illness.


She was one half of the cooking show Two Fat Ladies, which also featured Jennifer Paterson. The two were often considered culinary rebels, favoring fatty, rich foods in a time when many television chefs promoted healthy cooking.

They were known for speaking disapprovingly of vegetarians.

“I’m told that more vegetarians relapse on bacon than any other substance," Dickson Wright once said.

"Two Fat Ladies" aired on BBC from 1996 until 1999 when Paterson died shortly after learning she had lung cancer.

Dickson Wright is survived by her two sisters, Heather and June.

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