Emily VanCamp talks childhood punishments and dating Josh Bowman

The "Revenge" star admits that she has "a wonderful love" in her life.

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Emily VanCamp (InStyle Australia)
Emily VanCamp (InStyle Australia)

Revenge star Emily VanCamp opened up about her childhood and her love life while interviewing for the April issue of In Style Australia.

VanCamp, who grew up in a rural town in Ontario, Canada, recalled during her interview that her mother's punishments would usually include locking her and sisters out of the house in freezing temperatures.


"Are you kidding me?" she said when probed about her mother's torturous ways. "We come from tough stock. It gets freezing there but you'd just see little snowsuits running around. It was part of my childhood that shaped me."

Luckily for the 27-year-old actress things have changed a lot since then. VanCamp currently resides in sunny Los Angeles with her on- and off-screen beau Josh Bowmen where the duo's hit ABC show, Revenge, is based.

Asked about her British boyfriend, VanCamp offers a short and sweet response, "I have a wonderful love in my life."

Besides her gig in the successful TV series, VanCamp last starred in the upcoming blockbuster sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier as Agent 13, Sharon Carter. The film premiered last week in Hollywood.


You can check out a clip from VanCamp's photo shoot for In Style below.

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