Kristin Cavallari won't vaccinate her children

The "Laguna Beach" alum believes there's a link between vaccination and autism.

By Veronica Linares
Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari. UPI/Phil McCarten
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Kristen Cavallari announced she and her husband Jay Cutler are not planning on vaccinating their children during an interview with Fox Business Network Thursday.

The 27-year-old reality star appeared on the show to promote her new style show for E! Entertainment Television and her new shoe line for Chinese Laundry, but at some point the conversation went from fashion to vaccines, and Cavallari shared that she and her husband "don't vaccinate."


"I’ve read too many books about autism and the studies," Cavallari explained.

When host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery said that there are no links between vaccines an autism, Cavallari expanded on her concerns.

"Well, there is a pediatric group called Homestead, Homestead or Homefirst, now I have pregnancy brain I got them confused -- they’ve never vaccinated any of their children, and they haven’t had one case of autism. And now one in 88 boys is autistic, which is a really scary statistic," she said.

"Well, my mom vaccinated us and she doesn’t have any cases of autism either. Isn’t that weird?" Kennedy responded.

"The vaccinations have changed over the years, there’s more mercury and other…," Cavallari responded.


No actual link has been found between vaccines and autism. The popular myth emanates from a 1998 case in which former physician Andrew Wakefield published a fraudulent paper linking the MMR vaccine to the condition.

The CDC and other reputable health organizations have consistently denied the link.

Cavallari and Cutler welcomed their first son Camden Jack, on August 8, 2012. In October 2013 the reality star announced she was pregnant with her second son.

You can check out a video of the interview below.

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