Four-minute preview of 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' debuts online

Actor Chris Evans says that Captain America will be put to the test in the upcoming film.

Annie Martin
Captain America: The Winter Soldier. (Marvel)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier. (Marvel)

HOLLYWOOD, March 6 (UPI) -- A four-minute preview of Captain America: The Winter Soldier has debuted online.

The lengthy clip may help tide fans over until the film premieres in theaters next month.


The preview opens with Chris Evans as Captain America aboard a ship alongside Scarlett Johansson as The Black Widow. The two joke together even as they prepare to engage enemies led by a man with "a rep for maximum casualties."

The scene appears to be the opening action sequence to a film in which Captain America will be put to the test. The superhero must navigate the line between "order and chaos" and admits he "isn't quite sure" what right and wrong means anymore.

Actor Chris Evans told Slash Film that his character's goal has "always do what's right and to be of service, to help where he can." But he added that, "In this movie, I think the question is...what is right?"

"There is a lot more of a grey area... it becomes a tricky dispute for Cap because things were just done differently in the [past]... it's a tough hurdle for him to jump," Evans said.


The actor recently announced his intent to take a break from acting once his Marvel contract is done. He will still appear as Captain America in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will debut in theaters on April 4.

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