Patricia Richey's EP is a promising start

Out of many influences, one style: Patricia Richey's self-titled EP reveals her strong musical personality and showcases her unique voice.

(UPI) -- Patricia Richey seems to embrace duality as a way of life.

The country-alternative-pop singer imbues her songs with Celtic influences, is a citizen of two countries -- the United States and Ireland -- and avidly pursues two careers -- music and medicine.


While this abundance of contrasts could easily seem confusing, in Richey's music there is a sense of synergy.

From a mature take on Taylor Swift's "Safe and Sound" to an ethereal rendition of Sting's "Fields of Gold," the songs on Richey's self-titled EP fill the soundscape with her deep, reflective voice and, in consequence, with her personality.

Richey's original songs show two different sides of her personality: "Putting Off Loving You" is edgier, electric, up-tempo proof of her ability to drive a true country song. Not surprising, considering she lists her grandfather as her greatest musical influence, and the song that cements that relationship is the Marty Robbins classic, "El Paso."

"Lonely Alone" is an ethereal ballad perfectly suited to Richey's synergetic style and it's hard to imagine anyone else pulling it off.

Richey proves she can make sense out of wildly different songs, influences and artists -- all while attending medical school at Georgetown -- not because of her time management skills (which must be ample) but because it's in her nature.


To learn more about Patricia Richey and her music, visit her site.

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