Ireland Baldwin lands her first-ever magazine cover


Ireland Baldwin, the 17-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, just landed her first magazine cover.

Wearing a white bikini on the cover of Beach magazine's July issue, the young model told the magazine that she loves surfing, paddle-boarding and Vine.


She also said she has one thing in common with Lindsay Lohan:

"I lived in Africa for a little while so I was a real-life Cady Heron."

Baldwin recently told Access Hollywood that she's still getting her modeling career off the ground.

“Slowly, surely,” she said. “It’s still gonna take thousands more jobs ‘til I finally settle in… but it’s fun.”

In the meantime, she can always turn to her famous mom for advice.

My mom taught me to go on and have fun and avoid everyone else’s comments and avoid what people are going to say about you. As long as you’re the one that’s smiling and having a good time then you’re the one that’s gonna be successful.

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