Sandra Bullock stopped doing stunts when she became a mother

Actress Sandra Bullock. UPI/David Becker
Actress Sandra Bullock. UPI/David Becker | License Photo

Sandra Bullock opened up about one of the effects motherhood has had in her life after adopting three-year-old Louis.

“I insist on doing my own stunts all the time. But the one thing that makes you reconsider doing your stunts is when you have a child,” the actress told Cover Media.


Bullock rose to fame in 1994 after the action packed thriller she co-starred with Keanu Reeves, "Speed," became a blockbuster sensation, but ten years later the actress says she would have to think twice before performing those dangerous stunts herself.

The 49-year-old actress stars alongside Melissa McCarthy in the upcoming film "The Heat," a comedy where Bullock plays an uptight FBI agent and for which she had to perform a few not-so-dangerous stunts.

“You go, 'What if I should fall and die on this one? Would it be a smart move?' I didn’t have crazy stuff to do [in The Heat]. There were a couple of days where stunt people had explosives falling on them and Melissa and I went and had coffee,” she added.

Asked about what her next career move would be, Bullock said she might venture into theatre.


“I might [do West End theatre] but the thing I like about my life are the school runs,” she said. "I want to be there for every school run, every project and when you do theatre the commitment is so great. I mean, I say never say never, one day I’m going, ‘I’m doing theatre, I’m going to the West End!’ But right now I’m so happy in this world I live in, probably not. In the future, maybe.”

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