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May 13, 2011 at 4:09 AM
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The latest news on today's hottest celebrities ...

MIA AMBER DAVIS: Actress and plus-size model Mia Amber Davis died in a Los Angeles hospital a day after outpatient knee surgery, officials said. She was 36.

Davis was best known for her work in the 2000 big-screen comedy "Road Trip."

E! News said she was pronounced dead at Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center Tuesday morning after collapsing at home.

KNBC-TV, Los Angeles, reported Davis had outpatient knee surgery Monday at Cedars-Sinai. Craig Harvey of the Los Angeles coroner's office said she complained of shortness of breath the next day and collapsed on the way to the bathroom, KNBC said.

The cause of death had not been determined. An autopsy was expected to be performed this week, Harvey said.

David Baron, former chief of staff at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center & Orthopaedic Hospital, told E! News Davis may have suffered a pulmonary embolism, a rare but known complication of the type of surgery she underwent.

Baron never treated and didn't know Davis, E! News noted.

MATTHEW PERRY: Canadian-born actor Matthew Perry, who has battled an addiction to prescription drugs in the past, says he is taking a month to focus on his sobriety.

Perry, 41, has starred in the TV shows "Friends," "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" and "Mr. Sunshine."

"I'm making plans to go away for a month to focus on my sobriety and to continue my life in recovery. Please enjoy making fun of me on the World Wide Web," Perry said in a statement issued to TMZ.

The celebrity news Web site said Perry has not suffered a relapse, but is planning this as a proactive measure.

WILL SMITH: The 53-foot-long double-decker trailer Will Smith is using while filming in New York has been moved off the street and into a parking lot, officials said.

Smith is using the luxury trailer -- which has a full-service kitchen, lounge, a movie room with a 100-inch screen, marble floors, offices for Smith's assistants and writing staff, a large bedroom and granite bathroom -- during downtime from making "Men in Black III."

City officials ordered the filmmakers to move the trailer after complaints from residents and business owners in the SoHo neighborhood where the mammoth $2 million trailer was parked, the New York Post reported.

"Why you need a trailer that big -- I didn't know trailers came that big," the newspaper quoted Mayor Michael Bloomberg as saying. "If lots of people showed up with 'em, we'd certainly have to do something."

"Hardworking New Yorkers have a right to wake up in the morning and not find a cruise ship parked out in front of their house," said Public Safety Committee Chair Peter Vallone Jr. "This is New York, not Hollywood. We don't roll that way."

A source close to Smith told the Post the actor "ain't real happy" about the decision.

"It's an inconvenience. Now he is about a mile away from set," the unnamed insider said.

DONALD TRUMP: New York real estate mogul and potential presidential contender Donald Trump has revealed the secrets behind his famous and oft-mocked hairstyle.

Trump told an interviewer in the most recent issue of "Rolling Stone" magazine he washes and combs his hair each morning, ABC News reported Wednesday.

"OK, what I do is, wash it with Head and Shoulders. I don't dry it, though. I let it dry by itself. It takes about an hour. Then I read papers and things," he said. "I then comb my hair. Yes, I do use a comb ... Do I comb it forward? No, I don't comb it forward."

"I actually don't have a bad hairline," Trump said. "When you think about it, it's not bad. I mean, I get a lot of credit for comb-overs. But it's not really a comb-over. It's sort of a little bit forward and back. I've combed it the same way for years. Same thing, every time."

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