Rycroft keeping baby's sex a secret

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 2 (UPI) -- Melissa Rycroft, host of ABC's "Bachelor Pad," and her husband Tye Strickland know the sex of their baby, who is due in February, but they aren't telling.

"We know the sex of our baby. We can now narrow down the names to just one gender," Rycroft, 27, said Friday in Orlando, People magazine reported.


"Tye and I have definitely been doing the name game, but we haven't definitely picked one out. We're down to two possible names, so now it's time to make a decision."

And once that decision is made?

"I'm not telling. It's a secret," she said.

Rycroft said she's having an extraordinarily easy pregnancy.

"Pregnant cravings are the one thing that I really want to experience, and I'm not. My doctor says sometimes people don't get to experience it. I have no cravings, no aversions, smells don't bother me, no morning sickness, none of that. I've really gotten lucky. Not even heartburn.

"All I've got is the belly. I like it. I was nervous about what my body was going to do, but I try to eat healthy and maintain somewhat of a workout schedule so that the weight I put on is a healthy weight. So far, it seems to be working for me," Rycroft said.


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