'Guiding Light' goes out for good

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 18 (UPI) -- The lights went down for the last time on the U.S. soap opera "Guiding Light" Friday, wrapping up its record-setting 72-year run.

"Guiding Light" started out in 1937 as a radio show and moved to television in 1952.


The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists noted the show's impact over the years.

"This ground-breaking program has provided steady employment, wages and benefits for thousands of AFTRA performers and other union members working in the entertainment and media industries," the actors union said in a statement.

Executive producer Ellen Wheeler said the show chronicled decades of changes in society.

"It has been our mirror on society for generations, and when you lose something that is part of the fabric of society you lose something precious," Wheeler said.

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