Author Golding admitted to attempted rape

OXFORD, England, Aug. 16 (UPI) -- The late British author William Golding told his wife that he once attempted to rape a girl when he was a teenager, an unpublished memoir says.

The Sunday Times of London reported the unpublished memoir said Golding was nearly 16 when he met a 13-year-old girl identified only as Dora and two years later he attempted to rape the teen in the British town of Marlborough.


Golding said in the memoir after stopping his rough treatment of the girl to tell her he would not hurt her, she ran away from him.

The memoir, which the "Lord of the Flies" author created for his wife as an insight into his psyche, provided inside information about the Nobel Prize-winning novelist for author John Carey's forthcoming biography on Golding.

Carey was allowed access to previously unseen Golding works, allowing him vital insights into the famed author who died in 1993.

The Sunday Times said among the revelations contained in the works were details of Golding's heavy drinking habits and how the author would pit his male students against one another while working as a school teacher.


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