Lawrence praises 'Town' star Cox-Arquette

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 9 (UPI) -- U.S. TV producer Bill Lawrence says he has a great relationship with actress Courtney Cox-Arquette, the star of his new series "Cougar Town."

The executive producer, who previously worked with Cox-Arquette during her guest-starring role on the comedy "Scrubs," said at a recent "Town" press tour session that his relationship with her is the best he's ever had with a woman, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.


Lawrence said the new situation comedy begins with Cox-Arquette examining her own body in a mirror for physical flaws. The producer said he got the idea for the bit from his wife, Christa Miller, who did something similar after giving birth.

"She was looking at herself in the mirror after she got out of the shower and she went (expletive)," Lawrence said. " And I thought that was so funny, you know what I mean?"

Meanwhile, Cox-Arquette, 45, spoke about getting older in Hollywood.

"No, getting older is harder anyway, but in Hollywood it's especially harder. But what I love about this character is that everything's real," she said of her "Town" character.


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