Biel says 'Easy' shows 1920s difficulties

May 23, 2009 at 12:45 PM
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LOS ANGELES, May 23 (UPI) -- U.S. actress Jessica Biel says her new film, "Easy Virtue," was a joy to make, but revealed to her the difficulties facing those living in the 1920s.

Biel, who plays widow Larita Whittaker in the film, said after learning more about the hardships facing women during the historical period, she embraced her modern-day life, Parade magazine reported online.

"Doing 'Easy Virtue' about London in the '20s was fun. We had a fabulous time because you got to dress up in beautiful, glamorous, incredible clothes and have beautiful parties," Biel told Parade. "But behind the fun and frivolity, life was clearly very difficult back then. There were so many restrictions, especially for women. It was so difficult to do what you want and have a career. I much prefer to live now."

The actress, whose modern-day situation involves a relationship with singer Justin Timberlake, also spoke with Parade about the possibility of making a film with her romantic interest.

"If it was the right thing, yeah. I would love to co-star with Justin," Biel, 27, said. "I just don't know what the right thing is, though."

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