Kingsley re-embraced India for new film

CANNES, France, May 17 (UPI) -- Actor Ben Kingsley says he feels a connection with India, the focus of both his latest movie and his Oscar-winning turn as spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi.

The 65-year-old British actor, who earned a best actor Oscar for portraying the Indian leader in 1982's "Gandhi," said at France's Cannes Film Festival his new movie, "Teen Patti," brought him back to India, The Sunday Times of London reported.


"I just get India," Kingsley said Saturday. "There's something spiritual, something about connection."

But returning to the Asian country for the new Bollywood film was not a simple decision for Kingsley, who admits having had a hard time visiting India following his role in "Gandhi."

"When making 'Gandhi' it was very much an active participation and I then found it quite hard going back there afterward as a tourist," he said.

But The Times said with the filming of "Patti" behind him, Kingsley expressed interest in taking part in additional movie projects in India.

"In the short time since making 'Teen Patti,' I've also had offers to act in other Indian films," Kingsley said.


"I'd love to return to India to film there."

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