Pressly: 'Earl' persona no shock to son

LOS ANGELES, March 21 (UPI) -- Actress Jaime Pressly says her 22-month-old so Dezi James appears unfazed by her trailer park persona on the U.S. TV series "My Name is Earl."

Pressly, 31, said while she was initially concerned that playing a "crazy, redneck, trailer park" character, Joy, on the NBC comedy would impact her child, it appears to have had little to no impact on him, reported Saturday.


"I was pregnant the whole time, so on set, I would worry," Pressly said. "I remember thinking, 'Oh god -- I'm Joy during the day more than I'm Jaime! He's gonna think his mother is crazy! A crazy, redneck, trailer park woman!"

"He'll come to the set and my hair will be all crazy and he doesn't even flinch," Pressly said of her young son's reaction to her TV persona, "like, 'Oh. That's mom. That's fine.'"

But Pressly says it would take a lot for a son to view his mother as anything but perfect.

"When your son looks at you, he looks at you like there's no person in the world more beautiful or perfect, nobody else who can make him feel better when he's upset or sad or sick," she told People.


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