Mass. festival honors wit of Bugs Bunny

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb. 8 (UPI) -- A festival in Cambridge, Mass., gives fans of Bugs Bunny a chance to relive and share the cartoon character's famed wit, festival-goers say.

Some of those people attending the annual Bugs Bunny Film Festival at Cambridge's Brattle Theatre said the nearly two-week event gives them a chance to truly enjoy the timeless qualities of the carrot-eating cartoon hero, The Boston Globe reported Sunday.


"The humor is quite sophisticated. It's hysterical," 59-year-old Cambridge resident Ken Bader said at the cartoon event that began Friday. "I'm sure a lot of it goes over kids' heads."

Cambridge Vice Mayor Brian Murphy said he takes his two children to the Bugs Bunny event each year to expose them to the "Looney Tunes" character that was created more than seven decades ago.

"I think it's important to fill in the gaps in my children's cultural literacy," Murphy said of the film festival.

The newspaper said the event includes both evening and matinee showings of favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons from both television and film.

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