Brolin was intimidated by 'W' role

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 12 (UPI) -- Actor Josh Brolin says he was initially intimidated by the prospect of playing U.S. President George W. Bush in the movie "W" despite his prior career path.

The "No Country for Old Men" star said while his Hollywood career has been filled with unsafe roles, portraying the 43rd president of the United States in director Oliver Stone's movie was nerve-racking, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.


But the actor told the Times he learned to use that nervous energy while shooting the film after talking with Stone about the role.

"I don't do safe stuff anyway, so what am I fretting about?" Brolin said. "So what it came down to was, I said, 'Oliver, man, you have to be my rock. I'm willing to be totally humiliated in front of 100 people in order to not be humiliated in front of millions of people.'"

Despite being an avowed left-wing supporter, Brolin told the Times he found a newfound respect for Bush after reviewing biographical materials for "W," which is due out this week.

"I was blown away following the guy through the labyrinth of his life, the personal conviction he found once he stopped drinking and deepened his relationship with Jesus," Brolin said.


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