Berry unveils new signature perfume

NEW YORK, Oct. 11 (UPI) -- Hollywood actress Halle Berry said at the New York unveiling of her new signature scent that the perfume is the result of two years of work.

The "Swordfish" star said Halle by Halle Berry took her that long to perfect because she demanded to be actively involved in nearly every aspect of its creation, People magazine reported Friday.


"We call Halle my second baby," Berry said, "because that's really all I've been working on for the past two years."

"I was mixing two fragrances, a fig and a mimosa, and putting them in a bottle and carrying them around," she added regarding her creative fragrance efforts. "That was my flavor of the moment."

Berry said she hopes both men and women are drawn to its aroma.

"I want women to feel that their partners, that special person, thinks they smell beautiful, thinks that it's simple enough that they can ingest it all day, every day," Berry said of her new scent, which will go on sale in March 2009.

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