Charles: 'Religulous' targets all religion

NEW YORK, Sept. 21 (UPI) -- The upcoming new U.S. movie "Religulous" was created to "destroy the whole system" of organized religion worldwide, director Larry Charles says.

Charles said at a recent news conference that the intent behind his documentary-style film was not to debunk any religious beliefs, but rather take an all-out assault on organized religion, The Observer reported Sunday.


"I don't think 'debunk' is the right word," the "Borat" director said. "I want to destroy more than debunk, just destroy the whole system."

"Religulous" features noted satirist Bill Maher discussing religion with individuals around the world and includes takes on every major religion.

For his part in the movie, Maher admits the filmmakers had to use a bit of deception in order to get people's honest opinions regarding the controversial topic.

"It was simple: We never, ever, used my name. We never told anybody it was me who was going to do the interviews," the comedian said. "We even had a fake title for the film. We called it 'A Spiritual Journey.'"

The movie already sparked protests at this month's Toronto film festival during its premiere screening.


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