Janet Jackson unveils lingerie line

File photo of Janet Jackson dated April 26, 2008. (UPI Photo/Seiji Yamada)
File photo of Janet Jackson dated April 26, 2008. (UPI Photo/Seiji Yamada) | License Photo

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 21 (UPI) -- U.S. singer Janet Jackson, hoping to avoid any further wardrobe malfunctions, says she's launching a new line of fashion lingerie.

Jackson's accidental exposure of her nipple during a dance performance at the 2004 Super Bowl resulted in an intense controversy over indecency on television and caused the phrase "wardrobe malfunction" to be officially recognized by the Chambers English Dictionary. But the sexiness of her new lingerie line, co-produced by Australian designer Bruno Schiavi and called "Pleasure Principle," is no accident, Jackson says.


"The collection has been carefully created with some of the finest laces from around the world," Jackson said in a release. "You will see a lot of satin and lace combined and rich colors such as burgundy and beige, silver and peach as well as your classic black and white."

Shiavi adds that lingerie won't leave much to the imagination.

"Janet and I wanted to create a collection that empowers women and that makes women feel sexy, flirtatious and provocative," he said. "We wanted to make sure we captured the essence of all Janet's favorite colors, laces and making sure that we stay true to who she is and what she loves."


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