Another Belushi takes up acting

CHICAGO, June 1 (UPI) -- Rob Belushi, who has landed a starring role on a prestigious Illinois stage, says he's honored to be following his famous father and uncle into acting.

"To me it's a badge of honor. I am (the) son of Jim Belushi and nephew of John Belushi. They worked hard for this," he told the Chicago Tribune. "And while it may be unearned, it makes me feel great to be put on the same font level (on the marquee), you know? They're amazing men to me. And I feel that more and more as I get older."


The 27-year-old says his character in "The Lion in Winter" at Writers' Theatre in Glencoe shouldn't be too difficult given his personal history, the Tribune reported Sunday.

"John is an entitled rich kid," he said of the character he'll play starting Thursday, "so I should nail it."

Belushi did get an acting boost from his famous father, the Tribune reported.

"I always told him that he should give it a shot," Jim Belushi recounted. "I said, 'Look, you're the smartest Belushi yet. You're the best-looking Belushi yet. You're the most charming Belushi there is. If you can act, you got it all.'"


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