Learn to cook or no sex, says chef Oliver

HAY-ON-WYE, Wales, May 25 (UPI) -- Jamie Oliver, author of "The Naked Chef," says British women should withhold sex from their husbands until their men agree to learn how to cook.

Oliver, the British celebrity chef and author, made the comments to the Sunday Times of London while attending the Hay-On-Wye book festival in Wales.


"Men are driven by sex," he told the newspaper. "So the best way for women to get their men into the kitchen would be to stop having sex with them until they start to cook," adding that he is "appalled" at how few British men have barely ever been in a kitchen.

"I ask if they cook at all and they simply say, 'Don't be so daft,'" Oliver said. "I found myself working with men who've never even lifted a pan, let alone cooked."

Oliver told the Times he believes most of the best cooks are women and that British people in general seem to be afraid of cooking.

"There is this fear, which is not the case in families in Italy," he said.

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