Knievel jumps record 24 delivery trucks

MASON, Ohio, May 24 (UPI) -- Daredevil Robbie "Kaptain" Knievel jumped 24 delivery trucks Saturday night at the same Ohio amusement park where his dad sailed over 14 buses, said.

The son of the late jumping star Evel Knievel successfully jumped his motorcycle over the trucks at a speed approaching 100, surpassing his father's mark of 14 buses. Both thrills occurred at Kings Island amusement park.


Knievel estimated Saturday's jump would cover at least 220 feet. The world record holder for distance is Australian Robbie Maddison, who jumped 322 feet in Las Vegas Dec. 31, 2007, in a jump he dedicated to Evel Knievel, The Cincinnati Enquirer said.

The younger Knievel said his jump at Kings Island was dedicated to his father, who died last year, along with all U.S. veterans and soldiers.

Prior to his jump, Knievel told the Enquirer the only thing missing from the night's ceremonies was his father.

"I wish my dad could be here to see it," he told the newspaper.

The surviving Knievel was joined by his mother, daughter and step-daughter at the event.

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