'Materials' writer creating comic strip

LONDON, May 11 (UPI) -- British author Philip Pullman, who sparked a controversy with the "His Dark Materials" trilogy, says he is working on a new comic strip.

The children's writer -- whose "Materials" works were accused of being anti-religious -- said his comic strip "The Adventures of John Blake" will appear in the comic book, the DFC, in late May, The Sunday Times of London said.


Pullman said the comic, which will be distributed through mail order, will be released weekly with new "Blake" adventures.

"Normally I write a book, give it to the illustrator and he gets on with the pictures," Pullman said. "With this project, it is as if I'm doing a film script with me specifying what I want drawn."

Pullman's "Materials" trilogy focused on alternate dimensions with religious undertones. "Blake" follows a modern-day sailor experiencing adventures at sea. Pullman told the Times he wants to use "Blake" to bring back the allure comic books had when he was a kid.

"This is what I want to bring back to today's youngsters -- good storytelling, but with more adventurous and original illustrations," he said.


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